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IPS pushes the limits of technology

IPS is the first integrated service provider to introduce the Intellibots into Australia through Clearlink Services and under the guidance of general manager Fred Itaoui. “The vacuum component is fantastic and the only problem we have is if the furniture is moved and then
some spots might get missed, but all we have to do is re-map the program,” noted Johnson. “Every cleaner has their own pin number which logs a user record and makes the cleaners responsible for their own work. The robots save on cost, time and repairs. Our cleaners
can go empty bins and complete other cleaning while the robot cleans the large open areas.”

The Intellibot is designed with an Eco-save filtration system that purifies the water to provide clean, reusable water and eliminating chemicals and waste water. However Johnson has another trick up her sleeve that is saving IPS and UTS thousands of dollars – and she calls
it the ‘holy water’………

“We map the machine to clean a certain area, and it does it all on its own,” explained Johnson. “But it’s completely safe; you can walk in front of it and it will stop – it’s almost like the robot thinks for itself.”

The Intellibot hands-free cleaning operating system incorporates up to 19 sensors, giving the robot a 360-degree view of its surroundings, and allowing it to operate and clean on its own. The sensors detect obstacles, stairs and people, stopping to let them pass before proceeding.

Inclean NovDec 2014

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